Commit d89114c7 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert
Browse files remove unused function filter_ids

parent 7d3ca2c1
......@@ -59,18 +59,6 @@ def link_to_sample_sets(seq_file_id, id_dict):
return ssid_dict
def filter_set_ids(req_vars):
Create a dict with the patient, run etc.. id strings as sent by the form
# TODO I wanted to make an associative array straight in the HTML form
# but I couldn't get it working...
set_ids = {}
set_ids[defs.SET_TYPE_GENERIC] = req_vars['generic_id']
set_ids[defs.SET_TYPE_PATIENT] = req_vars['patient_id']
set_ids[defs.SET_TYPE_RUN] = req_vars['run_id']
return set_ids
# TODO put these in a model or utils or smth
def validate(myfile):
error = []
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