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Commit d70f9499 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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algo/Makefile: Don't pass -DNDEBUG when testing

When testing we want to check asserts
parent 11f47daa
......@@ -168,23 +168,26 @@ snapshot_diff:
$(MAKE) -C tests snapshot_diff_current
unit: all
$(MAKE) CXXFLAGS="$(filter-out -DNDEBUG, $(CXXFLAGS))" all
@echo "*** Launching unit tests..."
$(MAKE) -C tests
@echo "*** All unit tests passed"
functional: all
$(TEE) '$(MAKE) should' tests/out-should-get.log
$(TEE) '$(MAKE) shouldvdj' tests/out-should-vdj.log
should: all
$(MAKE) CXXFLAGS="$(filter-out -DNDEBUG, $(CXXFLAGS))" all
@echo "*** Launching .should_get tests..."
$(MAKE) -C tests should
@echo "*** All .should_get tests passed"
shouldvdj: all
$(MAKE) CXXFLAGS="$(filter-out -DNDEBUG, $(CXXFLAGS))" all
$(MAKE) -C tests shouldvdj_if_python
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