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......@@ -42,22 +42,16 @@ authentication).
** The algorithm
- Stable releases can be downloaded from
- Stable releases can be downloaded from
- Development code is under [[algo/]]
- Documentation: [[doc/]]
** The browser
** The browser and the patient database
- Access at (demo login: vidjil, password: vidjil, then select sample/ in the file menu).
- Access at (demo login: demo@vidjil, password: vidjil)
- Please contact us if you would like to test your data and have a full account on the web server
- Development code is under [[browser/]]
- Documentation (in progress): [[doc/]]
** The server and the patient database
- Currently under development, code is in [[server/]]
- Planned first release: Q1 2015
- Documentation (in progress): [[doc/]]
- Development code is under [[browser/]] and [[server/]]
- Documentation (in progress): [[doc/]] and [[doc/]]
* Code and license
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