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vidjil: prepare CHANGELOG for release 2016.07

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This changelog concerns the algorithmic part (C++) of Vidjil.
2016-07-XX The Vidjil Team
* New json 2016a format, renamed fields 'seg.{5,4,3,_evalue}' and 'diversity', 1-based positions (core/segment.cpp)
* New tool to display and debug alignments between a read and selected V/J genes (tools/vdj_assign.cpp)
* Better test structure and process. The should-vdj tests will be soon moved to their own repository.
* Bugs closed (build process, affine gaps (core/dynprog.cpp), JUNCTION/CDR3 detection (core/segment.cpp))
* New and updated functional tests
2016-03-04 The Vidjil Team
* Better JUNCTION/CDR3 detection (-3), based on positions of Cys104 and Phe118/Trp118 (core/segment.cpp)
* Bugs closed (.vidjil output of revcomp'd sequences, computation of Simpson index Ds)
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