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Commit ce134855 authored by flothoni's avatar flothoni
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Revert "Add 2 new sequences for tests on issue #4267"

This reverts commit 3598f91c.
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......@@ -4,13 +4,3 @@
### Cases from Lille ###
# In this case, the second D found match on only 8nt (on 31)
# gtattatgatt TTTGGACT ggttattatacc
# the 3 last nt are identical to the J start, so we can consider that it is in fact only 5 nt long (with a strech of T ?)
>IGHV1-2*02 18//3 IGHD2-2*02 1/AATTTGG/3 IGHJ4*02 [IGH]
# In this case, the D found (GGGGGAT, 7nt/13) have a strech of G(5x)and 2 other nt.
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