Commit ce025c5b authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert Committed by Mikaël Salson
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SampleSetList tests: add missing select()

parent 26f49f71
......@@ -46,7 +46,8 @@ class SamplesetlistModel(unittest.TestCase):
value = slist.result[0]
set_ids = set([ for s in slist.result])
anon_permissions = list(set([ for s in db(auth.vidjil_accessible_query('anon', db.sample_set))]) & set_ids)
anon_set_ids = set([ for s in db(auth.vidjil_accessible_query('anon', db.sample_set)).select(])
anon_permissions = list(anon_set_ids & set_ids)
self.assertFalse(value.sample_set_id in anon_permissions, "Anon was allowed, when it was not expected to be")
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