Commit cda60bd2 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert Committed by Mikaël Salson
Browse files fix buffer and predicate checks

fixes and issue where applying a new predicate to a subfield of a prefix
included in another field would not be taken into account.

See #3235
parent 8962e5c2
import ijson
from six import string_types
from enum import Enum
class MatchingEvent(Enum):
end_map = "start_map"
end_array = "start_array"
class VidjilWriter(object):
......@@ -77,6 +82,7 @@ class VidjilWriter(object):
def startBuffering(self):
self.conserveBuffer = False
self.buffering = True
def endBuffering(self):
......@@ -97,9 +103,10 @@ class Predicate(object):
def compare(self, field, other):
if self.comp is None:
return True
return field == self.field
return field == self. field and self.comp(other, self.value)
res = field == self.field and self.comp(other, self.value)
return res
return False
......@@ -135,6 +142,8 @@ class VidjilParser(object):
return self._writer
def addPrefix(self, prefix, conditional = None, comp = None, value = None):
if conditional is None:
conditional = prefix
self.prefixes.append((prefix, Predicate(conditional, comp, value)))
def reset(self):
......@@ -147,28 +156,41 @@ class VidjilParser(object):
with self.writer() as writer:
return self._extract(parser, writer)
def isStartEvent(self, event):
return event in ['start_map', 'start_array']
def isEndEvent(self, event):
return event in ['end_map', 'end_array', 'number', 'string', 'boolean']
def isMatching(self, mbuffer, other):
if other[1] not in MatchingEvent.__members__:
return False
return (mbuffer[0] == other[0]) and (mbuffer[1] == MatchingEvent[other[1]].value)
def _extract(self, parser, writer):
previous = ''
res = ""
bufferStart = (None, None)
for prefix, event, value in parser:
subelem = lambda x, y: x.startswith(y)
if any(subelem(prefix, item[0])\
or (subelem(item[0], prefix) and (value is None or subelem(item[0], str(value))))\
for item in self.prefixes):
bufferOn = any(prefix == item[0] for item in self.prefixes) and self.isStartEvent(event)
if bufferOn:
bufferStart = (prefix, event)
saved_previous = previous
if not self._writer.conserveBuffer \
and any((item[1].compare(prefix, value)) for item in self.prefixes):
self._writer.conserveBuffer = True
bufferOn = any(prefix == item[0] or prefix == item[0]+'.item' for item in self.prefixes)
if bufferOn and event == "start_map":
saved_previous = previous
res += writer.write(prefix, event, value, previous)
previous = event
if bufferOn and event == "end_map":
if (self.writer().buffering and (self.isEndEvent(event) and self.isMatching(bufferStart, (prefix, event)) or self._writer.conserveBuffer)):
if not self._writer.conserveBuffer:
previous = saved_previous
res += self._writer.endBuffering()
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