Commit ca1137c8 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

vidjil: prepare CHANGELOG for release 2014.12

parent e759a1e0
This changelog concerns the algorithmic part (C++) of Vidjil.
2014-12-XX The Vidjil Team
* Better multi-germline analysis (-g). This will again be improved in a next release.
* New experimental incomplete rearrangement analysis (-i)
* New and updated unit and functional tests
* Bugs closed (-w 40 when no D germline)
2014-11-28 The Vidjil Team
* New input method, now accepts compressed fasta files with gzip (core/fasta.cpp, gzstream/zlib)
* Better multi-germline analysis (-g) and documentation. This analysis can now safely be used.
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