Commit c97212f7 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

Merge branch 'feature-s/3001-anon-by-default' into 'dev'

models/ anon as a default permission for personal user groups

Closes #3001

See merge request !435
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......@@ -623,7 +623,7 @@ def user():
# Set up a new user, after register
# Default permissions
add_default_group_permissions(auth, auth.user_group())
add_default_group_permissions(auth, auth.user_group(), anon=True)
# Appartenance to the public group
group_id = db(db.auth_group.role == 'public').select()[0].id
def add_default_group_permissions(auth, group_id):
def add_default_group_permissions(auth, group_id, anon=False):
auth.add_permission(group_id, PermissionEnum.create.value, 'sample_set', 0);
auth.add_permission(group_id,, 'sample_set', 0);
auth.add_permission(group_id, PermissionEnum.admin.value, 'sample_set', 0);
auth.add_permission(group_id, PermissionEnum.upload.value, 'sample_set', 0);
auth.add_permission(group_id,, 'sample_set', 0);
if anon:
auth.add_permission(group_id, PermissionEnum.anon.value, 'sample_set', 0);
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