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`` is somewhat long, we may help people in finding what they are looking for.
Completes ac1027f0, see #2237.
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* Vidjil -- High-throughput Analysis of V(D)J Immune Repertoire
** Algorithm -- Installation instructions
make ; make germline ; make data
./vidjil -h
# Detailed compilation, installation and usage instructions
# can be found in [[./doc/]].
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ RELEASE_SOURCE = $(wildcard $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/*.cpp) $(wildcard $(VIDJIL_ALGO_S
RELEASE_MAKE = ./Makefile $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/Makefile $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/core/Makefile $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/Makefile $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/lib/Makefile germline/Makefile data/Makefile tools/tests/Makefile doc/Makefile
RELEASE_TESTS = doc/ data/get-sequences $(wildcard data/*.vidjil) $(wildcard data/*.analysis) $(wildcard data/*.data) $(wildcard data/*.fa) $(wildcard data/*.fq) $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/ $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/ $(wildcard $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/should-vdj-tests/*.should-vdj.fa) $(wildcard $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/should-vdj-tests/*.should-locus.fa) $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/ $(wildcard $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/should-get-tests/*.should-get) $(wildcard $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/bugs/*.fa) $(wildcard $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/bugs/*.should_get) $(VIDJIL_ALGO_SRC)/tests/ $(wildcard doc/analysis-example.vidjil) $(wildcard tools/tests/*.should_get) tools/tests/ tools/
RELEASE_GERMLINES = germline/germline_id germline/get-saved-germline germline/get-germline germline/ $(wildcard germline/*.g) germline/ germline/
RELEASE_HELP = doc/ doc/ doc/ doc/ doc/ doc/CHANGELOG doc/LICENSE
RELEASE_HELP = doc/ doc/ doc/ doc/ doc/ doc/CHANGELOG doc/LICENSE
RELEASE_FILES = $(RELEASE_SOURCE) $(RELEASE_TESTS) $(RELEASE_MAKE) $(RELEASE_GERMLINES) $(RELEASE_HELP) data/segmentation.fasta $(wildcard data/*.fa.gz) $(wildcard data/*.label)
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