Commit c78c73fd authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez
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germline_builder.js : use to build germline

work with custom germline from
parent 98ba0d9a
......@@ -81,23 +81,32 @@ Germline.prototype = {
this.system = system
var name = system+type
name = name.toUpperCase()
if (typeof germline[name] != 'undefined'){
this.allele = germline[name]
if (typeof this.m.germlineList.list[system] == 'undefined'){
return callback
this.allele = {}
this.gene = {}
var type2
if (type=="V") type2="5"
if (type=="D") type2="4"
if (type=="J") type2="3"
for (var i=0; i<this.m.germlineList.list[system][type2].length; i++){
var filename = this.m.germlineList.list[system][type2][i]
filename = filename.split('/')[filename.split('/').length-1] //remove path
filename = filename.split('/')[filename.split('/').length-1] //remove file extension
for (var key in germline[filename]){
this.allele[key] = germline[filename][key]
//reduce germline size (keep only detected genes)
//and add undetected genes
//and add undetected genes (missing from germline)
var g = {}
for (var i=0; i<this.m.n_clones; i++){
if (typeof this.m.clone(i).seg != "undefined" &&
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