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vidjil: prepare CHANGELOG for release 2015.02

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This changelog concerns the algorithmic part (C++) of Vidjil.
2015-02-XX The Vidjil Team
* Better multi-germline analysis (-g), returning the best locus for each read (core/segment.cpp)
The incomplete rearrangement analysis (-i) can now safely be used.
The speed of this multi-germline analysis will be improved in a next release.
* Faster representative computation (core/read_chooser.cpp)
* Included tools (tools/*.py) to process .vidjil files
* New experimental CDR3 detection (-3). We still advise to use IMGT/V-QUEST for better and complete results.
* Better debug option -u (.affect), especially in the case of multi-germline analysis
* Refactored dynamic programming computations (core/dynprog.cpp), experimental affine gaps
* Removed unused code parts as well as some files
* Streamlined flag processing in Makefiles
* New and updated unit and functional tests
2015-01-31 The Vidjil Team
* Better TRG and TRD+ parameters (-g). The multi-germline analysis will again be improved in a next release.
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