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......@@ -321,6 +321,67 @@ docker-compose up --build
This will also start the environment for you.
## Deploy a local version for developpment purpose
You may want to make some modification into the code of Vidjil web application, server, browser or tools side.
In these cases, you should get a copy of the vidjil repository where you will be able to make your changes, and also set some modifiaction into the `docker-compose.yml`.
### Clone another vidjil repository into a subdirectory of vidjil.
In this example, the repository will be located into `vidjil/code/`
# clone a new vidjil repository
git clone code/
# move into this new repository
cd code
# init this repository with server
make server browser germline
### Update the docker-compose.yml
After cloning a clean repository, you must add modifications in the `docker-compose.yml` file into fuse and nginx volumes.
Modifications for `fuse volumes` declaration.
# Link to server files
- ../code/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/controllers:/usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/controllers
- ../code/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/models:/usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/models
- ../code/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/modules:/usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/modules
- ../code/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/scripts:/usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/scripts
- ../code/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/static:/usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/static
- ../code/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/tests:/usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/tests
- ../code/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/views:/usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/views
# Browser & tools
- ../code/browser:/usr/share/vidjil/tools:Z
Modifications for `nginx volumes` declaration.
- ../code/browser:/usr/share/vidjil/browser:Z
### Add configuration files into the code/ repository
As some files are virtualy linked into docker image from the docker directory, you should add them into `code/`.
cp docker/vidjil-client/conf/conf.js copy/browser/js/
cp docker/vidjil-server/conf/ copy/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/modules/
### Restart docker-compose
After that, you should restart your docker instance to apply these new settings.
``` bash
docker-compose up
From now, the code present into `code/` will be use for the server and the browser.
You will be able to test modifications before staging them into the repository.
## Building images for DockerHub
Make sure your Dockerfile is up to date with any changes you may want to
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