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.gitlab-ci.yml: Fix typo

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......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ copy_release:
release_name=$(cat algo/release)
ssh $VIDJIL_WWW "cd /var/www/html/releases; ln -sf vidjil-algo-${release_name}.tar.gz vidjil-latest.tgz; ln -sf vidjil-algo-${release_name}_x86_64 vidjil-latest_x86_64"
ssh $VIDJIL_BONSAI "cd /bio1/www/html/vidjil; scp vidjil-algo-${release_name}* VIDJIL_BONSAI_PROD:/bio1/www/html/vidjil"
ssh $VIDJIL_BONSAI "cd /bio1/www/html/vidjil; scp vidjil-algo-${release_name}* $VIDJIL_BONSAI_PROD:/bio1/www/html/vidjil"
- /^feature-.*a.*\/release$/
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