Commit c08263f8 authored by Cyprien Borée's avatar Cyprien Borée Committed by Mikaël Salson
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Replace pair with two objects in FilterBioReaderWithACAutomaton

For more informations, see #3283.
parent b1db84d3
......@@ -61,18 +61,14 @@ BioReader FilterWithACAutomaton::filterBioReaderWithACAutomaton(
int kmer_threshold){
BioReader result;
AbstractACAutomaton<KmerAffect>* aho;
vector<int>* indexes;
map<KmerAffect, int> mapAho;
KmerAffect tmpKmer;
unsigned int asciiNum;
char asciiChar;
if(!p || kmer_threshold < 0){
if(!automaton || !indexes || kmer_threshold < 0){
return origin;
indexes = p->first;
aho = p->second;
mapAho = aho->getMultiResults(seq);
mapAho = automaton->getMultiResults(seq);
//All k-mers selected : iterate over all map
if(kmer_threshold == ALL_KMERS_VALUE || kmer_threshold > (int)mapAho.size()){
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