Commit bf65fbdb authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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tests/ update test on fuse server

either the fuse server doesn't exist and the test must fail, or the test must succeed as previously
parent 2acd0318
import unittest
import gluon.contrib.simplejson
from gluon.globals import Request, Session, Storage, Response
from gluon.contrib.test_helpers import form_postvars
from gluon import current
......@@ -66,8 +67,11 @@ class DefaultController(unittest.TestCase):
def testCustomData(self):
request.vars['custom'] = [str(fake_result_id), str(fake_result_id)]
resp = get_custom_data()
resp = gluon.contrib.simplejson.loads(get_custom_data())
print resp
if resp.has_key('success') and resp['success'] == 'false':
self.assertTrue(defs.PORT_FUSE_SERVER is None, 'get_custom_data returns error without fuse server')
self.assertNotEqual(resp.find('"segmented":[742377,742377]'), -1, "get_custom_data doesn't return a valid json")
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