Commit bf297c70 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert multi sample stats reads to float

when calculating the perecentage for mapped reads, convert values to
parent fbaaa085
......@@ -681,9 +681,10 @@ def getFusedStats(file_name, res, dest):
dest['main_clone'] = data['clones'][0]['name']
reads = data['reads']['total'][result_index]
dest['reads'] = reads
dest['mapped'] = "%d (%d%%)" % (data['reads']['segmented'][result_index], 100 * (data['reads']['segmented'][result_index]/reads))
dest['mapped'] = "%d (%d%%)" % (data['reads']['segmented'][result_index], 100.0 * (float(data['reads']['segmented'][result_index])/float(reads)))
return dest
def getStatData(results_file_ids):
mf = ModelFactory()
set_types = [defs.SET_TYPE_PATIENT, defs.SET_TYPE_RUN, defs.SET_TYPE_GENERIC]
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