Commit bda02992 authored by flothoni's avatar flothoni

tools_test; add complexity at a test

link to #2632
parent 06ff9d24
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......@@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ QUnit.test("Sort list locus", function(assert) {
console.log( "sort_list_locus" )
list_test_1 = [ "TRA", "TRB", "TRG", "TRD", "testlocus", "IGH", "IGK", "IGL"]
wait_test_1 = [ "TRA", "TRB", "TRG", "TRD", "IGH", "IGK", "IGL", "testlocus"]
list_test_2 = [ "IGH", "IGH+", "testlocus", "IGK+", "IGL", "unknow_locus", "TRA", "TRB", "TRB+", "TRG", "TRD"]
list_test_2 = [ "IGH", "IGH+", "unknow_locus", "IGK+", "IGL", "testlocus", "TRA", "TRB", "TRB+", "TRG", "TRD"]
wait_test_2 = [ "TRA", "TRB", "TRB+", "TRG", "TRD", "IGH", "IGH+", "IGK+", "IGL", "testlocus", "unknow_locus"]
// console.log( "result_1" )
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