Commit bd47e359 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
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test: update 10-md5-germline, gapped germline J genes with custom 118 positions

parent cf74a343
......@@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ $ Check md5 in germline/, sequences split and processed from IMGT
1:92aef873dde83c68070843a57904b15b IGHV.fa
1:15a49bc8fc8dcb78153b3e6c3df9f5e4 IGKJ.fa
1:a27659426126c5ab779a00bc9643d73e IGKV.fa
1:0adbe435909c871a11b6555de52e3479 IGLJ.fa
1:fb5f822dfa2eea38b0ece774bbdda17a IGLJ.fa
1:5f2039964e6623a5d88eb9b33be07a1a IGLV.fa
1:04dc5d173e42e145766da31e54b93af6 TRAJ.fa
1:cc51221ca24540b7434473d1f27fdc72 TRAJ.fa
1:d249b9fe019f945d0643dd8d0e978f49 TRAV.fa
1:f66c70cda5b369aecd34ab1cd11e7415 TRBD.fa
1:7eaa560f388d7bbf596e6577812a3c2c TRBJ.fa
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ $ Check md5 in germline/, sequences split and processed from IMGT
1:97e784cdfd5994c10ebbbedfcf332ef6 TRDD.fa
1:014c76bb3c4d051f4174aaf768573789 TRDJ.fa
1:74b37f99e9a63b861c03d1a55b4ee58a TRDV.fa
1:3414424de4b8a7da9e1e47539a13daab TRGJ.fa
1:45c015c36a2cb34bb26fe22b7ec7401a TRGJ.fa
1:40e7f196afc226db253d6ff5169f99bd TRGV.fa
$ Check md5 in germline/, other sequences
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