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......@@ -308,7 +308,8 @@ In the `.analysis` file, this section is intended to describe some specific clon
// Recombination with several D may use "4a", "4b"...
"3": {"name": "IGHJ3*02", "start": 136, "stop": 171, "delLeft": 5}, // J (or 3') segment
// any feature to be highlighted in the sequence, with optional fields related to this feature:
// Any feature to be highlighted in the sequence.
// All those fields are optional (though some minor feature may not properly work in the client)
// - "start"/"stop" : positions on the clone sequence (starting at 1)
// - "delLeft/delRight" : a numerical value . It is the numbers of nucleotides deleted during the rearrangment. DelRight are compatible with V/5 and D/4 segments, delLeft is compatible with D/4 and J/3 segments.
// - "seq" : a sequence
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