Commit bac6a466 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud Committed by Vidjil Team
Browse files log_links(s), add HTML links to a log line

It may be useful to inspect some data referred in a log.
parent 1d5d917b
import math
import re
from gluon import current
def format_size(n, unit='B'):
......@@ -78,3 +79,56 @@ def filter(str, filter_str):
if f.lower() not in str.lower():
return False
return True
log_patient = re.compile('\((\d+)\)')
log_config = re.compile(' c(\d+)')
def log_links(s):
'''Add HTML links to a log string
>>> log_links("abcdef")
>>> log_links("abcdef(234)")
'abcdef(<a class="loglink" onclick="\\'patient/info\\', {\\'id\\': \\'234\\'})">234</a>)'
>>> log_links("abcdef(234)abcdef c11")
'abcdef(234)abcdef <a class="loglink" href="?patient=234&config=11">c11</a>'
### Parses the input string
m_patient =
patient = if m_patient else None
m_config =
config = if m_config else None
### Rules
url = '' # href link
call = '' # call to db
if patient and config:
url = "?patient=%s&config=%s" % (patient, config)
(start, end) = m_config.span()
start += 1
elif patient:
call = "patient/info"
args = {'id': patient}
(start, end) = m_patient.span()
start += 1
end -= 1
### Build final string
link = ''
if url:
link = 'href="%s"' % url
if call:
link = '''onclick="'%s', %s)"''' % (call, str(args))
if link:
s = '%s<a class="loglink" %s>%s</a>%s' % (s[:start], link, s[start:end], s[end:])
return s
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