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......@@ -249,27 +249,18 @@ Here are some notable configuration changes you should consider:
### Docker -- Adding external software
**(To be documented)**
The volumes in the fuse and nginx volume block
`./vidjil-server/conf:/etc/vidjil` and `./vidjil-client/conf:/etc/vidjil`
will provide easier access to all of the
configuration files, allowing for tweaks.
From this location, it will be easier to enable more software or pipelines
by putting their binaries in this location that will be see by the docker instance.
# Docker -- Adding Software
Some software can be added to Vidjil for pre-processing or even processing if the
software outputs data compatible with the .vidjil format.
We recommend you add software by adding a volume to your `docker-compose.yml`.
By default we add our external files to `/opt/vidjil` on the host machine. You can then
reference the executable in `vidjil-server/conf/`.
In some cases, using the software may require development. In other cases, adding
the appropriate `pre process` or `analysis config` can be enough.
When the software has compatible inputs and outputs, it will be enough
to configure then the appropriate `pre process` or `analysis config` (to be documented).
In some cases, using the software may require development such as wrappers.
Contact us (<>) to have more information and help.
# Docker -- Troubleshooting
### Error "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysql'"
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