Commit b019bdfa authored by Vidjil Team's avatar Vidjil Team
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patient/permission.html: add 'id' column

parent c65c19d9
......@@ -8,7 +8,8 @@
<div id="db_table_container">
<table class="db_table" id="table">
<tr><td class="column_200"> group / user</td>
<tr><td class="column1"></td>
<td class="column_200"> group / user</td>
<td> </td>
<td class="column1"> read</td>
<td class="column1"> admin</td>
......@@ -18,7 +19,7 @@
{{admin = auth.has_permission("admin", "patient", request.vars["id"],}}
{{ for row in query :}}
<td> {{=row.owner}} </td>
<td> {{}} </td><td> {{=row.owner}} </td>
{{if admin :}}
<td> <input type="checkbox" onclick="'patient/change_permission', {
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