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js/clone.js: target='_blank' for in-app links

Same than help/manual links.
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......@@ -1302,8 +1302,8 @@ Clone.prototype = {
//IMGT info
var other_infos = {"imgt": "<a href=''>IMGT/V-QUEST</a>",
"clonedb": "<a href=''>CloneDB</a>"};
var other_infos = {"imgt": "<a target='_blank' href=''>IMGT/V-QUEST</a>",
"clonedb": "<a target='_blank' href=''>CloneDB</a>"};
for (var external_tool in other_infos) {
if (typeof this.seg[external_tool] != 'undefined' &&
this.seg[external_tool] !== null) {
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