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......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ Moreover, the state of the client can be encoded in the URL, as in <http://app.v
| `plot=x,y,m` | plot (x axis, y axis) |
| `clone=xx,xx,xx` | selected clone ids |
For `plot` the axis names are found in `browser/js/axes.js`. `m` is optional, and defines the type of plot (either `grid` or `bar`).
For `plot` the axis names are found in `browser/js/axis_conf.js`. `m` is optional, and defines the type of plot (either `grid` or `bar`).
We intend to encode more parameters in the URL.
......@@ -283,14 +283,35 @@ In the `console.log`, the field `priority` takes one of those priorities.
You want to add a dimension in the scatterplot or as a color? Read the
1. Scatterplot
1. Axis
In [scatterPlot.js](../browser/js/scatterPlot.js), the `available_axis` object defines the dimensions that
In [axes.js](../browser/js/axes.js), the `AXIS_DEFAULT` object defines the dimensions that
can be displayed. It suffices to add an entry so that it will be proposed
in the X and Y axis. This kind of way of doing should be generalized to
the other components.
The presets are defined in the `preset` object.
Here is some of the settings you can use to customize your axis.
- name
a short description of the axis
- doc
a more detailled description of the axis
- fct
a javascript function that must return a value to be displayed on the axis for a given clone ID
- scale
used to define numerical axis min/max value
- labels
a list of labels that must always be present on the axis even if no clones has returned the corresponding value.
- autofill
autofill : true mean the list of label will be created or extended with all unique values returned by the clones.
It will also create an adapted scale with the min/max value returned by the clones in case of a numerical axis.
- sort
you can provide a custom comparison function to sort the labels in a specific order
There is also other settings that can be used to customize even further labels appearance or display, please check the already defined axes in [axes.js] to learn more about them.
2. Preset
The presets are defined in the `preset` object that can be found in [scatterPlot_menu.js].
2. Color
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