Commit aaea134e authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
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tests: CDR3/JUNCTION, these more difficult sequences should pass

parent 909f38c0
>TRBV6-1*01 3/5/2 TRBJ2-7*01 [TRB]
# {CASKVSP!YEQYF} # TODO: insert at the end of V
>TRBV6-1*01 3/5/2 TRBJ2-7*01 [TRB] {CASKVSP!YEQYF}
# AGC commun aux deux segments
>TRBV7-2*02 0/0/3 TRBJ2-3*01 [TRB]
# {CASSFSTDTQYF} # TODO: insert at the end of V
>TRBV7-2*02 0/0/3 TRBJ2-3*01 [TRB] {CASSFSTDTQYF}
>TRBV11-2*01 1/4/0 TRBJ2-7*01 [TRB] {CASSLGPSYEQYF}
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