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......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ methods and software.
- [Docker/Server installation and maintenance](
These documentations and additional developer and maintainer documentation
are availaible from the [doc/]( directory in the source files.
are available from the [doc/]( directory in the source files.
### Further help
This is the preliminary help of the Vidjil server on Ubuntu server 14.04.
This is the help of the Vidjil server.
This help is intended for server administrators.
Users should consult the web application manual.
Other documentation can also be found in [](
Users should consult the [web application manual](
Other documentation can also be found in [doc/](
Finally, developer documentation
# Plain installation or Docker containers
# Docker containers or Plain installation
There are two ways to install and run a Vidjil server:
......@@ -374,8 +374,10 @@ docker-compose up -d nginx
# Plain server installation
This installation is not supported anymore.
We rather advise to use the Docker containers (see above).
## Requirements
## Requirements (for Ubuntu 16.04)
``` bash
apt-get install git
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