Commit a7ed75fe authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert
Browse files reset pre_process flag and result on upload

If a sample was edited ad the new file had no pre-process, the status
from the previous pre-process would remain set, and in case of errors,
could sometimes block any runs.

mention #2343
parent 2a0cb1ad
......@@ -504,7 +504,9 @@ def upload():
error += "no data file"
if request.vars["file_number"] == "2" and len(error) == 0 and data_file2 is None:
error += "no data file"
db.sequence_file[request.vars["id"]] = dict(pre_process_flag=None,
if data_file is not None and data_file2 is not None and request.vars['pre_process'] != '0':
db.sequence_file[request.vars["id"]] = dict(pre_process_flag = "WAIT")
old_task_id = db.sequence_file[request.vars["id"]].pre_process_scheduler_task_id
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