Commit a42715a6 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert in form list pre_processes by permission

Instead of listing all available pre_processes on the file form, allow
admins to manage permissions for public/private pre_processes

See #3274
parent c6eb7f02
......@@ -95,12 +95,7 @@ def validate_sets(set_ids):
return sets, id_dict, errors
def get_pre_process_list():
query_pre_process = db(
orderby =
query_pre_process = db((auth.vidjil_accessible_query(PermissionEnum.read_pre_process.value, db.pre_process) | auth.vidjil_accessible_query(PermissionEnum.admin_pre_process.value, db.pre_process) ) ).select(
pre_process_list = []
for row in query_pre_process :
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