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vidjil-algo: release 2020.01

see #4035
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This changelog concerns vijil-algo, the algorithmic part (C++) of the Vidjil platform.
2019-12-XX The Vidjil Team
2020-01-24 The Vidjil Team
* Improved e-value estimation, -e is now the global e-value, new advanced option --e-value-kmer
Sequences on larger datasets will now be better analyzed #3594 !538
* Added 'seg.cdr3.seq' output with nucleotide sequence #4017
* Improved 'name' output on sequences not fully analyzed with '-c designations' #3890
* Limit on 50 clones on stdout, as the main output is the .vidjil file #3302 !530
* New --no-vidjil and --no-airr advanced options to control the output #3861
* Extended and updated documentation, including on library preparation and sequencing and on quality
* New and updated tests
2019-05-17 The Vidjil Team
# vidjil-algo 2019.05
# vidjil-algo 2020.01
**Command-line manual**
*The Vidjil team (Mathieu, Mikaël, Aurélien, Florian, Marc, Tatiana and Rayan)*
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