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doc/ More info on clone information panel (and more specifically...

doc/ More info on clone information panel (and more specifically informations about CloneDB)
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sample but has been detected in another sample that is not currently
### Detailed information on each clone
The "i" button opens a window showing detailed information (V(D)J designation,
e-value, number of reads) about each clone.
In addition, depending on what the user launched on this clone, we may also
find detailed informations retrieved from IMGT or from CloneDB.
#### Detailed information from CloneDB
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Note that this feature is experimental.
Also note that the percentage shown can be above 100% as the percentage is
calculated over all the samples in the sample set.
## The sample graph
The sample graph is hidden when there is only one sample. It shows the most frequent clones of each sample, tracked into every sample.
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