Commit a085ea76 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert Committed by Mathieu Giraud
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revert 06a56bd4 and reapply pre_process filename

What first appeared to help the situation by optimising a database query
turned out to break several tests and inner workings of the custom fuse
by preventing the fusing of the same file multiple times

See #3154
parent f65205fe
......@@ -760,13 +760,11 @@ def custom_fuse(file_list):
output_file = out_folder+'/'+output_filename+'.fused'
files = ""
query = db( &
( == db.results_file.sequence_file_id)
for row in query :
if row.results_file.data_file is not None :
files += os.path.abspath(defs.DIR_RESULTS + row.results_file.data_file)
if row.sequence_file.pre_process_file is not None:
for id in file_list :
if db.results_file[id].data_file is not None :
files += os.path.abspath(defs.DIR_RESULTS + db.results_file[id].data_file)
seq_file = db.sequence_file[db.results_file[id].sequence_file_id]
if seq_file.pre_process_file is not None:
files += ",%s" % os.path.abspath(defs.DIR_RESULTS + row.sequence_file.pre_process_file)
files += " "
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