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......@@ -332,14 +332,14 @@ webpage.
`browser/tests/functional`, with Watir.
The functional tests are built using two base files:
- vidjil<sub>browser</sub>.rb
- `vidjil_browser.rb`
abstracts the vidjil browser (avoid using IDs or
class names that could change in the test). The tests must rely as
much as possible on vidjil<sub>browser</sub>. If access to some
much as possible on `vidjil_browser`. If access to some
data/input/menus are missing they must be addded there.
- browser<sub>test</sub>.rb
- `browser_test.rb`
prepares the environment for the tests. Each test
file will extend this class (as can be seen in test<sub>multilocus</sub>.rb)
file will extend this class (as can be seen in `test_multilocus.rb`)
The file `segmenter_test.rb` extends the class in `browser_test.rb` to adapt
it to the purpose of testing the analyze autonomous app.
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