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Browse files multi_sample_stats.html comment some fields

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......@@ -671,10 +671,10 @@ def getStatHeaders():
('genescan', 'parser', g),
#('bool', 'parser', b),
#('bool_true', 'parser', b),
('loci', 'parser', l),
('distribution', 'parser', lbc),
('clones_five_percent', 'parser', m),
('abundance', 'parser', lbc)
('loci', 'parser', l)
#('distribution', 'parser', lbc),
#('clones_five_percent', 'parser', m),
#('abundance', 'parser', lbc)
def getFusedStats(file_name, res, dest):
......@@ -806,7 +806,7 @@ def getStatData(results_file_ids):
set_type = res['sample_type']
headers = getStatHeaders()
d = getFusedStats(res['fused_file'], res, d)
d = getResultsStats(res['data_file'], d)
#d = getResultsStats(res['data_file'], d)
for head, htype, model in headers:
if htype == 'db':
d[head] = res[head]
{{extend 'db_layout.html'}}
<div id="db_table_container">
<table class="db_table table_stats" id="table">
<table class="db_table" id="table">
{{ for h in data['headers']: }}
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