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doc/ add info for save/load docker images

For deploying images to a server that does not have access to internet
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......@@ -168,12 +168,28 @@ These instructions are preliminary, other documentation can also be found in [[h
Usually our docker installation will only require the following:
docker pull vidjil/vidjil:latest
docker pull vidjil/server[:<version>]
docker pull vidjil/client[:<version>]
If you do not have access to on your server, then you
should pull the image onto a machine that does and extract it into a tar
archive and send it to your server with your favourite method and import
the image on the server.
docker save -o <output_file> vidjil/server[:<version>] vidjil/client[:<version>]
docker load -i <input_file>
In some cases you may need to update your docker-compose.yml file or some
of the configuration files. The latest versions are available on our
** Requirements
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