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Tests: Use -k 8 instead of -k 6

TRDD2 and TRDD3 can cope with -k 8 seeds.

Changes in the TRDV germline (inclusion of genes both in TRAV and TRDV)
induced false positives which prevented segmentation in one case with a too
small seed.
parent e36e913a
!LAUNCH: ../../vidjil -k 6 -w 20 -V ../../germline/TRDV.fa -V ../../germline/TRDD2-01.fa -J ../../germline/TRDD3-01.fa -J ../../germline/TRDJ.fa ../../data/trd-dd2-dd3.fa
!LAUNCH: ../../vidjil -k 8 -w 20 -V ../../germline/TRDV.fa -V ../../germline/TRDD2-01.fa -J ../../germline/TRDD3-01.fa -J ../../germline/TRDJ.fa ../../data/trd-dd2-dd3.fa
$ Segment all 5 reads, thanks to TRDD2 and TRDD3
1: segmented 5 reads .100..
$ Find the good number of 20-windows
1: found 3 20-windows
1: found 4 20-windows
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