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server : clean default index

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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
<tr><td class="column2"> name </td>
<td class="column2"> germline </td>
<td class="column2"> command </td>
<td class="column1"> command </td>
<td> info </td>
<td class="column5"> </td>
<td class="column5"> </td>
......@@ -7,21 +7,6 @@
Vidjil !!
premiere ebauche de l'interface de gestion
<li>nettoyer le layout</li>
<li>ajouter les bdd manquantes</li>
<li>changer le css(un peu)</li>
<li>toussa toussa</li>
{{=A("patient list",_href=URL('patient_list'), _class='btn',
) }}
{{=A("user list",_href=URL('user_list'), _class='btn',
) }}
{{elif 'content' in globals():}}
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