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Commit 984cf3b4 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

imgt-to-vdj.py: prepare IMGT/V-QUEST output for should-vdj-to-tap.py

parent a0c0cbc5
Takes a .fa file, a _Summary.txt file as produced by IMGT/V-QUEST,
and creates a .vdj file to be checked by should-vdj-to-tap.py
python imgt-to-vdj.py data-curated/curated_IG.fa data-curated/curated_ig_Summary.txt > data-curated/curated_IG.vdj
python imgt-to-vdj.py data-curated/curated_TR.fa data-curated/curated_tr_Summary.txt > data-curated/curated_TR.vdj
import sys
def parse_gene_and_allele_to_vdj(s):
Parse lines such as:
Homsap IGHV3-30*03 F, or Homsap IGHV3-30*18 F or Homsap IGHV3-30-5*01 F'
and produce a .vdj line
genes = []
for term in s.replace(',', '').split():
if term in ['Homsap', '[F]', '(F)', 'F', 'P', 'or', 'and', '(see', 'comment)', 'ORF']:
genes += [term]
if not genes:
return ''
if len(genes) == 1:
return genes[0]
return '(%s)' % ','.join(genes)
class IMGT_VQUEST_Result():
'''Stores a IMGT/V-QUEST result'''
def __init__(self, l):
self.d = {}
if 'No result' in l:
self.result = False
self.result = True
for i, data in enumerate(l.split('\t')):
self.d[vquest_labels[i]] = data
def __getitem__(self, key):
return self.d[key]
def to_vdj(self):
if not self.result:
return 'no result'
s = ''
s += parse_gene_and_allele_to_vdj(self['V-GENE and allele'])
s += ' '
s += parse_gene_and_allele_to_vdj(self['D-GENE and allele'])
s += ' '
s += parse_gene_and_allele_to_vdj(self['J-GENE and allele'])
return s
def __str__(self):
return str(self.d)
def header_vquest_results(ff_fasta, ff_vquest):
f_fasta = open(ff_fasta).__iter__()
f_vquest = open(ff_vquest).__iter__()
vquest_first_line = f_vquest.next()
globals()['vquest_labels'] = vquest_first_line.split('\t')
# print vquest_labels
while True:
fasta = ''
# Advance until header line
while not '>' in fasta:
fasta = f_fasta.next().strip()
vquest = ''
# Advance until non-empty line
while not vquest:
vquest = f_vquest.next().strip()
yield (fasta, vquest)
if __name__ == '__main__':
for (header, result) in header_vquest_results(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]):
# print "=========="
print header.replace('>', '#')
r = IMGT_VQUEST_Result(result)
# print r
print ">%s" % r.to_vdj()
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