Commit 9504a4c0 authored by Téo Vasseur's avatar Téo Vasseur

js : setViews definition and usage

parent 1047b68c
......@@ -24,15 +24,29 @@ function Solid2(id, parentId) {, id, parentId, "solid2");
function setViews(dic) {
for (var panId in dic) {
var panel = document.getElementById(panId);
for (var i in dic[panId]) panel.appendChild(dic[panId][i].node);
function main() {
new Flex("v1", 'A');
// new Flex("v2", 'A');
new Flex("v3", 'B');
new Flex("v4", 'C');
var v1 = new Flex("v1", 'A');
var v2 = new Flex("v2", 'A');
var v3 = new Flex("v3", 'B');
var v4 = new Flex("v4", 'C');
var v5 = new Solid1("v5", 'A');
var v6 = new Solid2("v6", 'B');
"A" : [v1, v5],
"B" : [v3, v6],
"C" : [v4]
new Solid1("v5", 'A');
new Solid2("v6", 'B');
\ No newline at end of file
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