Commit 94aa4e72 authored by Vidjil Team's avatar Vidjil Team

controllers/ Bad variable passed to record_id

Passing request.vars['samples_id'] as record_id caused some issues when several samples
were contained in the same sample set as the samples_id were separataed with commas, while
we expect a single ID.

See vdj#792
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......@@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ def get_analysis():
#analysis_data["info_patient"] = db.patient[request.vars["patient"]].info
dumped_json = gluon.contrib.simplejson.dumps(analysis_data, separators=(',',':'))"load analysis", extra={'user_id':, 'record_id': request.vars['sample_id'], 'table_name': 'sample_set'})"load analysis", extra={'user_id':, 'record_id': request.vars['sample_set_id'], 'table_name': 'sample_set'})
if download:
return, attachment = True, filename = request.vars['filename'])
......@@ -523,7 +523,7 @@ def save_analysis():
"message" : "(%s): analysis saved" % (sample_set_id)}, extra={'user_id':})"save analysis", extra={'user_id':, 'record_id': request.vars['samples_id'], 'table_name': 'sample_set'})"save analysis", extra={'user_id':, 'record_id': sample_set_id, 'table_name': 'sample_set'})
return gluon.contrib.simplejson.dumps(res, separators=(',',':'))
else :
res = {"success" : "false",
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