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Commit 92f74918 authored by HERBERT Ryan's avatar HERBERT Ryan get_custom_data query fix

Resolved some issues with the new queries which would systematically
cause a server error
parent 54478fa9
......@@ -369,9 +369,9 @@ def get_custom_data():
& (db.sample_set_membership.sequence_file_id ==
& ( == db.sample_set_membership.sample_set_id)
& (db.sample_set.sample_type.belongs(['patient', 'run']))
).select(, db.sample_set.sample_type).first().id
).select(, db.sample_set.sample_type).first()
patient_run = db(db[sample_set.sample_type].sample_set_id ==
patient_run = db(db[sample_set.sample_type].sample_set_id ==
config_id = db.results_file[id].config_id
name = vidjil_utils.anon_ids( if sample_set.sample_type == 'patient' else
filename = db.sequence_file[sequence_file_id].filename
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