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......@@ -29,12 +29,18 @@ option after the option !OUTPUT_DIR:
By default spaces can be replaced by any whitespaces. You can override this by
* Exit code
The exit code of the launched command line is also checked. By default, an
exit code of 0 is expected. The .should_get file can specify an option
!EXIT_CODE: indacting another expected value.
* Requirements
Sometimes, to launch a test some requirements must be met. If the requirements
are not met we may want to skip the test. To do so, specify in the file
an option !REQUIRES: which will be followed by a command that is supposed
to exit with the error code 0. If the error code is different from 0 all the
tests in the file will be skipped.
* Environment
** Debug
If the environment variable DEBUG is defined, then some debug information
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