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Commit 8ff8af5a authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert

url_test.js update plot tests to account for changing splitMethod

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...@@ -60,14 +60,12 @@ QUnit.test("plot : modifyURL",function (assert) { with (windowMock) { ...@@ -60,14 +60,12 @@ QUnit.test("plot : modifyURL",function (assert) { with (windowMock) {
sp.init(); sp.init();
var url= new Url(m, window); var url= new Url(m, window);
url.init(); url.init();
// sp.changeSplitMethod("n", "Size", "bar"); sp.changeSplitMethod("nLength", "size", "grid");
m.update() m.update()
assert.deepEqual(url.url_dict,{ assert.deepEqual(url.url_dict,{
"plot": "v,j,grid" "plot": "nLength,size,grid"
}, "test plot url_dict") }, "test plot url_dict")
assert.equal(,"?plot=v,j,grid", "test if plot is in url"); assert.equal(,"?plot=nLength,size,grid", "test if plot is in url");
}}); }});
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