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Namely using and updating the latest image from Dockerhub
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on a remote server in order to be able to report on a down server, but we have packed it here for convenience.
** Building and starting the environment
You can either build the image from the provided Dockerfile, or pull the
latest pre-built image from Dockerhub. Whichever you choose will be
performed automatically depending on how you have configured your
docker-compose.yml file.
Building the image is simple and can be done prior to editing the
configuration files if you wish, although it is not necessary.
The docker image is not on the DockerHub and therefore needs to be built
before it can be used.
The backup and reporter images are built based on the latest vidjil
docker image from Dockerhub.
docker-compose build
......@@ -714,6 +719,17 @@ make functional
docker-compose up --build
** Updating a Docker installation
Usually our docker installation will only require the following:
docker pull vidjil/vidjil:latest
In some cases you may need to update your docker-compose.yml file or some
of the configuration files. The latest versions are available on our
* Migrating Data
** Database
The easiest way to perform a database migration is to first extract the
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