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* Packaging
** Packaging Vidjil into a Debian Package
** Packaging Vidjil into a Debian Binary Package
In this section we will explain how to package a pre-compiled version of
Vidjil that will allow easy installation although it will not meet all the
requirements for a full Debian package and therefore cannot be added to the
default Debian repositories.
In this document we will not go over the fine details of debian packaging
and the use of each file. For more information you can refer to this page
from which this document was inspired:
Being a binary package it will simply contain the vidjil binary which will
be copied to the chosen location on installation.
*** Let's Get Started
You will first and foremost need to compile vidjil. Refer to #TODO for
more information.
Create a base directory for the package and the folders to which the binary
will be installed. Lets call our folder debian and copy the binary to /usr/bin/
$ mkdir -p debian/usr/bin
And copy the vidjil binary
$ cp vidjil debian/usr/bin
Now create the necessary control file. It should look something like this:
Package: vidjil
Version: <version> (ie. 2016.03-1)
Section: misc
Priority: optional
Architecture: all
Depends: bash (>= 2.05a-11)
Maintainer: Vidjil Team <>
Description: Count lymphocyte clones
vidjil parses a fasta or fastq file and produces an output with a list
of clones and meta-data concerning these clones
And place it in the correct folder.
$ mkdir -p debian/DEBIAN
$ cp control debian/DEBIAN/
Now build the package and rename it.
$ dpkg-deb --build debian
$ mv debian.deb vidjil_<version>_all.deb
It can be installed but running
$ sudo dpkg -i vidjil_<version>_all.deb
# TODO Add Changelog, copyright, etc.
** Packaging Vidjil into a Debian Source Package
Note: This document is currently incomplete. This process will not produce a
working debian package. The package build will fail when attempting to
emulate `make install`
*** Requirements
- The release version of Vidjil you wish to package
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