Commit 8cd0acdd authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

tests/Makefile: 'make shouldvdj' focus on .should-vdj tests

When entering mnaually curated sequences, this is faster than launching
a full 'make shouldlocus_and_vdj' (which further recompiles everything).
parent b9151364
......@@ -39,16 +39,19 @@ should: vidjil $(SHOULD_LOG)
if python ../../tools/ ; \
then $(MAKE) shouldvdj ; \
then $(MAKE) shouldlocus_and_vdj ; \
else echo "!!! Bad python version, we skip .should-vdj.fa tests..." ; \
shouldvdj: vidjil
shouldlocus_and_vdj: vidjil
@echo "*** Launching .should-vdj-fa tests..."
python -2q -r $(SHOULD_VDJ) $(SHOULD_LOCUS)
python $(SHOULD_VDJ)
$(MAKE) shouldvdj
@echo "*** All .should-vdj.fa tests passed"
python $(SHOULD_VDJ)
%.tap: %.should_get force
./ $<
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