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Commit 8c849eb4 authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez
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server : redirect page vidjil

parent af119810
{{('message' in globals())}}
{{extend 'layout.html'}}
function init() {
var browser_url = document.URL.replace("/vidjil/default/index#", "/browser")
.replace("/vidjil", "/browser")
.replace("https", "http")
{{if 'message' in globals():}}
var database_url = document.URL.replace("/default/index#", "/")
.replace("/vidjil", "/vidjil/")
document.getElementById("browser").href = browser_url
document.getElementById("db").innerHTML = database_url
<body onload="init()">
It seems you've found me ... nice to meet you.
I'm a vidjil database, you can try to connect to me with a vidjil browser just copy this address "<span id="db" ></span>" in your browser js/config.js file as DB_ADDRESS.
If your vidjil browser redirected you here to validate a certificat, it's ok now you can close this page.
Here you can found the online browser <a id="browser" href="#">Clik!</a>
Vidjil !!
{{elif 'content' in globals():}}
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