Commit 86b1e046 authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez
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index.html : menu and container for database.js

-todo : build_menu function
parent b9a9d096
......@@ -162,6 +162,14 @@
<div class="menu" onmouseover="showSelector('dbSelector');" > database
<div id="dbSelector" class="selector">
<a class="buttonSelector" onclick="'patient_list');">patient list</a>
<a class="buttonSelector" onclick="'standard_list');">standard list</a>
<a class="buttonSelector" onclick="'config_list');">config list</a>
<div id="logo" style="float: right;" onclick="popupMsg(msg.welcome)">Vidjil <span class='logo'>(beta)</span></div>
<div style="float: right" class="menu" onmouseover="showSelector('paletteSelector');"> palette
......@@ -227,6 +235,12 @@
<div id="data-msg"></div>
<div id="db_div">
<span class="closeButton" onclick="db.close()">X</span>
<div id="db_msg">
<form id="form"></form>
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