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controllers/ skip a result_file when we cannot link it to a sample

see #4536
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......@@ -791,7 +791,12 @@ def getFusedStats(fuse):
result_index = data['samples']['results_file_id'].index(results_file_id)
elif "original_names" in data['samples']:
basenames = [os.path.basename(x) for x in data['samples']['original_names']]
result_index = basenames.index(os.path.basename(res['sequence_file']))
result_basename = os.path.basename(res['sequence_file']) if res['sequence_file'] else None
if result_basename in basenames:
result_index = basenames.index(result_basename)
# No corresponding data (old file ?), we skip this result_file
sorted_clones = sorted(top_clones, key=lambda clone: clone['reads'][result_index], reverse=True)
if 'name' in sorted_clones[0]:
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