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## The list of clones (left panel)
When they were processed by **vidjil-algo**, clones are described with identifiers
such as `TRGV3*01 2/ATC/6 J1*02` that describes the V(D)J recombination.
Here the sequence was analyzed as
the V gene `TRGV3*01`, with `2` nucleotides deleted at its end (3'),
followed by a N region with the three nucleotides `ATC`,
then followed by the J gene `TRGJ1*02`, with `6` nucleotides deleted at its start (5').
- You can adjust the way that these clone names are displayed through
the menu options “settings > N regions in clone names”
and “settings > alleles in clone names”.
- You can assign other tags with colors to clones using the “★” button.
The “filter” menu allows to further filter clones by tags.
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